Dental Care


Don’t forget about your pets teeth! Just like us dental care is important for our furry friends. For as long as most of us can remember regularly brushing and caring for our teeth has been a part of our daily routine. Dental disease doesn’t only affect your pet’s mouth but its affects their overall health and can impact quality of life.

Effects of poor oral health:-

-          Plaque builds up on the pets teeth

-          Bacteria in the plaque irritates the pets gum

-          The irritated gums bleed, allowing bacteria from the plaque to enter the bloodstream

-          Bacteria in the bloodstream travels throughout the body, and can negatively impact vital organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver

Poor oral health can create significant health risks:-

-          Painful dental infections

-          Tooth loss

-          A decreased ability to combat disease and infection

To reduce the above problems with your furry friends you need to provide good oral hygiene.

Maintaining Dental health is essential for each pet, oral health can be maintained by brushing of teeth, use of mouth wash and feeding prescription dental diets. Most oral/ dental care is usually maintained 2-3 times a week to prevent the effects of poor oral health. Maintaining your pet’s oral health with a prescription dental diet can sometimes be the most time efficient for a busy family to prevent tarter and plaque build up on the teeth, however is best when used in conjunction with other oral preventatives. Oral health maintenance is best started from a young age or immediately after a dental procedure.

Signs of dental disease:-

-          Bad breath

-          Yellow-brown crust on teeth

-          Bleeding Gums

-          Changes in chewing or eating habits

-          Tooth loss

-          Abnormal drooling