April 2017

Google Maps location for Andergrove Veterinary Clinic

Andergrove Veterinary Clinic
195 Bedford Road
QLD 4740

07 4955 5181

Poor Boy got hit by a car in the early hours of the night, so it was an emergency stop to Andergrove Vet for immediate attention.

It was found that Boy had sores on all 4 feet but the worse was his back right foot by which his toe had a deep and nasty cut. Therefore it was required he stay overnight where he was given some nice pain relief before being put to bed.

Boy was sent home the next day with both of his back feet wrapped up with some nice bandaging and a good layer of Manuka honey to help with the healing.

After a few more visits to the vet for Boy to change his bandaging, his feet healed up nicely and he can now be found being his usual playful and excited self.