February 2017

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Andergrove Veterinary Clinic
195 Bedford Road
QLD 4740

07 4955 5181

Welcome Foxy

Our pet of the month

Foxy was heartworm positive 271 days ago when he started his long and successful course of treatment.  This month he returned for his final test and is now heartworm free and enjoying a much better quality of life.  Heartworm disease can kill.

How do our pets get heartworm? From mosquitoes. 

How do we know if they have heartworm? -

1. Symptoms like coughing and may tire easily when exercising. 

2. Test for adults here in the clinic

Can we prevent it? – Yes – a once a year injection is what we recommend

Can it be treated?- Yes- There is a treatment option

Any further questions?  – Please call us 49555181